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Presented by Eleni Antoniades, Project Environmental Lead – Aviation and Infrastructure

About this Webinar

Delivering environmental and water management during construction and operation of infrastructure projects can be challenging. Emerging environmental legislation, environmental incidents, and delivery deadlines all add to the technical challenges.

What happens when a project is being delivered in the interior of Antarctica? What makes working in Antarctica so unique and different to anywhere else in the world?

This webinar will provide an insight into what makes environmental and water management in the interior of Antarctica so challenging and unique. The physical environment is unlike anywhere else, with pristine air and ice quality. There is also a unique legislative framework set by the Antarctic Protocol, and a complete absence of utilities. You are operating off-grid in every sense.


About the Speaker

Eleni is a Project Environmental Lead for aviation and infrastructure projects, with more than 20 years’ experience in the Environmental Impact
Assessment and Construction Environmental Management of strategically significant projects. She is also the Vice Chair of the Institution of
Environmental Sciences.

Recent achievements include launching the first use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Antarctica in 2021, becoming Vice Chair of the first dedicated environmental science body in the UK, the Institution of Environmental Sciences, in 2021, and winning Ministry of Defence Sustainable Project of the Year 2019 for RAF Marham Project Anvil.

In recent years, her focus has been on the aviation sector working on the construction and delivery of projects in challenging environments, such as Antarctica and military projects.

She is an Environmental Scientist, Chartered Environmentalist, Full Member and Vice Chair of the Institution of Environmental Sciences where she has helped shape the organisation’s strategy since 2016 and establish the EIA Community. Operating independently since 2011, her clients include international contractors and consultancies.

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