Policies and Practices

The Worshipful Company of Water Conservators has produced a series of responses to official consultations focussed on topics with implications for water conservation. These are available below in the section headed Consultation Responses on this website.

In doing so a number of issues have arisen with relevance to those topics, but which lie outside the strict remit of the consultations. Thus, the Company is producing a series of think-pieces to aid its contributions to the ongoing national conversations. These may be found in the section below headed Think pieces.

The Company aims to make its Consultation submissions as comprehensive as possible which makes exploration of what it has said across all the issues  challenging  so it now produces short Briefing notes on the submissions to help visitors to our site. These may be found in the third section headed Briefing Notes.

They should be read alongside other information on this website and in the Webinars organised by the Company

Some of the think pieces are part of an ongoing dialogue with outside bodies and for the time being are held on the Members only section of this website.