Bursaries for Masters students and other support

The largest proportion of the Trust’s funding is devoted to a major programme of bursaries to assist with fees for relevant Masters degree courses. This is intended to support a new generation of skilled professionals in the water, waste and environmental management sectors. These links with universities also provide the Company with the opportunity to work closely with some of the most accomplished research units in the UK.

Students are selected by the university on the basis of quality and financial need and the Trust provides a substantial contribution towards the course fees. In addition, The Trust funds a Water Conservators Dissertation Prize which is awarded to the student who presents the best dissertation each year on the supported MSc courses.

The number of university courses varies each year, dependent on eligible students and the funding available. In the past, matched funding has been received from The Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board, The Environmental Services Association Education Trust and the Mister Gees Foundation.

This is a long-term investment in the quality and quantity of sectoral leaders.

The Trust has supported the NUS Student Eats programme which helps students in higher education to come together on campus to grow food. The Trust assists the skills transfer by funding the bits and pieces required to build sustainable gardens. The Trust’s funds are limited and awards are made following an evaluation of all applications. Practicability and other advice is offered to all applicants.