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Presented by Adam Taylor


Please note that this webinar was not recorded at the request of our presenter, as he is currently in the process of writing a book on the subject and did not wish to release some of his research work into the public domain at the moment.

It was a wonderful and interesting presentation much enjoyed by all who attended – we look forward to publication of his book!

About this Webinar

Using historical sources,photos, personal experience Adam’s presentation drew on many sources; census records, photos, Victorian technical plans, maps from the 1500’s to present day, personal experience and several trips to the National Archives – to illustrate who lived on these islands, how the twin forts of Hoo and Darnet were built, the story of the pub which stood on an island in the middle of the estuary, how a WW1 German submarine ended up where it is now and a bit more.

He also took a close up look at some of the flora and fauna of this huge, beautiful wilderness that is Medway estuary.


About the Speaker

Our speaker Adam is a keen canoeist with 15 years’ experience of paddling a fourteen-foot, Canadian (open) canoe. He has canoed in many places including the backcountry of Ontario, the lakes of Finland and Sweden and beautiful places here in the UK, but it is the islands and marshes of the Medway estuary where his heart is.

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