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Presented by Dr Matthew Greetham, Ofwat

About this Webinar

Storm overflows on sewerage networks discharge raw and partially treated sewage into our water bodies and thus have a significant impact on water quality and amenity value. Under the Environment Act 2021 the government has a duty to secure a progressive reduction in the adverse impacts of these discharges. Ofwat, alongside colleagues from DEFRA and the EA, is currently considering how best to enable and incentivise this reduction in harm. The 2024 Price Review is an important, but not the only, regulatory tool Ofwat has at its disposal to facilitate change across the water industry. Through the 2024 Price Review Ofwat will set the price, investment and service package that customers receive, controlling prices companies can charge their customers. In doing so, we have a duty to balance consumers’ interests with the need to finance the delivery of water and sewerage services, ensuring they meet their other legal obligations, including a wide range of environmental and social duties.

This webinar will set out our current thinking on how best to reduce harm from storm overflow ahead of the publication of Ofwat’s PR24 final methodology in Dec 2022.


About the Speaker

Dr Matthew Greetham is a chartered engineer and chartered environmentalist with CIWEM, with a PhD in public health engineering from University College London. He has more than thirty years of experience in the water sector and worked in more than 20 countries in a variety of technical engineering and managerial roles. He is passionate about education and learning.

He has lectured at universities both in the UK and abroad and was awarded the President’s Award for excellence from Imperial College in 2018. He has worked at Ofwat for the last four years, working on PR19, the subsequent CMA appeals process, and latterly in enforcement.

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