This on line lecture is part of the Knowledge Miles: The 695th Lord Mayor’s Lecture Series.  It is the second supported by the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators and is presented by Court Member Allan Barton.

Humankind now faces its most significant challenge.  Since the start of the industrial revolution humankind has exponentially unbalanced our home on all fronts.  Population has risen significantly, the circularity of all key ecological systems that support life are now out of balance.

Society needs to be informed of the facts and encouraged to change their behaviours towards a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.  Our politicians and leaders need to understand the urgency of the situation and be informed of sound facts on what needs to be changed.

The presentation will highlight:

  1. How we got to today, the damage we are doing to our ecology, what needs to be done,and
  2. Areas where you can contribute to saving the natural world in your private and working lives, and
  3. The challenges facing politicians and corporates.

Allan will share some of his experiences gained at Arup, also the impact of mankind on the natural world, that he saw on a recent visit to Antarctic.

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