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Presented by Professor Carolyn Roberts, Water and Environment Consultant

About this Webinar

Water has many dimensions, not just those traditionally associated with the water industry, engineering and the regulation of pollution. For example, the bodies of murder victims, sometimes in pieces and occasionally in suitcases, often end up in rivers and canals. In these tragic and gruesome settings, environmental science can help to identify where bodies have
come from or gone to.

Drawing on some macabre and fascinating case studies, the talk will range from exploring particular cases to the general principles of tracing bodies and bringing murderers to justice. Frequently grisly and not for those of a nervous disposition, it should be of guaranteed interest to the curious. And possibly best watched with a stiff pre-Christmas drink in hand!


About the Speaker

Carolyn Roberts’ work with UK police forces and other agencies as an Expert Witness has applied scientific principles to murder investigations, helping to establish the new science of forensic hydrology.

Starting off as a complete novice, and definitely out of her depth – but with a track record of teaching fluid dynamics by floating undergraduates down the River Severn, she has now assisted in almost thirty enquiries. Note: no students were harmed in the undertaking of this tuition….)

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