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Presented by Rob Casey,  Thames Water

About this Webinar

In 1831 a terrifying new epidemic arrived in London, there was no cure and doctors had no idea how the disease was spread. Master Elect Rob Casey discusses how the water supply and sanitation infrastructure made London particularly susceptible to the cholera disease and the drastic transformation that took place to resolve the crisis. These reforms still form the basis of London’s current water supply and sewerage systems and were a blueprint for many systems throughout the world.


About the Speaker

For 20 years Rob has managed a group responsible for all clean water hydraulic modelling for Thames Water’s supply network supporting over 7.5 million customers. During that period he has developed an intimate knowledge of London’s water supply system and its history.

Rob is currently Master Elect for the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators and will be installed as Master in September 2020.

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